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Jack Elkins

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About Jack Elkins

When it comes to luxury real estate, there are not many professionals who can compare to Jack Elkins and his stellar reputation. Having grown up in Manalapan, Florida, Jack has a profound knowledge of the Palm Beach area and now helps numerous individuals purchase their dream homes and sell to prominent buyers. Being the grandson of two business-minded individuals, Jack quickly learned the ins and outs of what it takes to run an honest company that prioritizes the clients’ needs and wants. Now many years into his career, Jack can say that he has a proven track record of going above and beyond for his clients and truly setting himself apart from other realtors in the Palm Beach area.

Upon first entering the real estate industry, Jack Elkins interned under his mother and assisted his family in moving their platforms online to look for internet exposure. Jack and his mother stood out as market leaders from the get-go, achieving record-breaking sales one after another. Capitalizing on the hidden market in Manalapan and Hypoluxo Island, the team was able to drive many buyers to the area when other real estate agents did not recognize the potential there. Jack and his mother are glad to have gone with their gut instincts, as Manalapan is now one of the wealthiest towns in America. 

Jack has since taken the values his family instilled in him and rebirthed his mother’s passion for real estate by taking the business to new heights. His client-focused approach and personal knowledge of the area are a large part of what has made him the number one producer in South Florida. Jack Elkins is proud to offer an elevated real estate experience for each of his clients. When it comes to his work, Jack is concerned about his client more than his own gain, and he has proven this by going above and beyond in ways that other realtors would not. He makes himself available for showings at all hours, uses local connections to notify buyers as soon as their dream home is available, fosters friendships that extend beyond the buying process and allow him to help his clients transition into their new environment, partners with a marketing agency to ensure sellers’ homes are being positioned above their competition and more. Jack’s clients cannot even begin to express how thankful they are for his intentional and involved approach to his work, and they have come to know Jack as the definition of full-service. 

Jack Elkins has an incredible focus on a client-based approach in his real estate work. He understands the importance of showing an increased amount of care to provide the best real estate experience for his clients. Not only that, but the strategies that he uses whilst working have led him to land a number of notable clients, helping him work up the ladder to become the number one producer in South Florida. An example of one of the best moments of Jack Elkins’ career is from early 2021, wherein he represented the world-famous Kevin James in buying a mansion for $14 million. 

Jack Elkins is incredibly invested in the happiness of his clients, so he does a number of things to help them out. He works on standard real estate sales, volunteers in helping his clients with purchasing their luxury yacht or auto services, and even just recommends the best places to eat in the area. Jack is a real estate agent who likes to show the people he works for that he cares, taking the services that he provides up a level and making sure they’re satisfied. When he’s not at work, Jack Elkins likes to take advantage of the Florida sunshine, going boating and snorkeling whenever possible. He’s incredibly grateful that he lives in such a beautiful area. 

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