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The future of real estate is shaped by the architecture that inhabits it. Architects are no longer designing buildings, and they are designing experiences. This trend has been taking shape for some time now and will continue to flourish in the years to come. In this blog post, we explore five trends shaping the future of architecture which you should be aware of if you want to stay on top of your game in real estate.

  1. The Open-Plan Space

Open-plan spaces are now the most popular type of office environment. They offer greater flexibility and cost-efficiency, as well as a more casual working atmosphere, all factors that play into today’s millennial workforce. As real estate property managers, it is crucial to be aware of this trend since you will need to rent your office space out with these requirements in mind.

  1. Multiple Master Suites

In the past, luxury condo residents would flock to larger penthouses with expansive views. Now, developers are adding extra amenities to multiple bedroom condos and apartments, turning them into “suites” which can be rented out as a residence for a single person or a family. These suites offer the luxury of an apartment within a larger building mixed with the amenities of a hotel or resort.

  1. Passive Design

In the past, architects focused on making their structures as structurally sound as possible. In the future, they will focus more on using fewer materials to build with and incorporating passive design into their structures. Passive design is an approach that minimizes environmental disruption through good planning and design.

  1. Metrics-Driven Design

Building design is no longer an art; it’s a science. Architects are using metrics to measure how the public interacts with the building before they even begin designing. Some are developing custom tools to track these interactions so they can refine their designs accordingly.

  1. Freestanding Baths

Over the past few years, freestanding bathtubs have become increasingly popular in loft-style apartments. The open-concept design of these lofts has made them seem less luxurious at first glance, but the addition of a tub has changed this completely. Now people are interested in luxury lofts more than ever before, largely thanks to the addition of a freestanding bathtub.

As commercial real estate professionals, you need to keep up-to-date with these trends to stay competitive. You can do this by visiting the websites of the big names in architecture over time and studying their approach. Keep an eye on what they are doing now and look ahead since many architects will incorporate the trends currently taking shape into their designs. This will allow them to stay ahead of the game and provide you with a better service in the long run!