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When it comes to buying a home, it is only natural to have a list of desires for what your ideal home looks like. There are certain features that are a given and have been vital to a home for centuries. Other trends come and go, but the following items are aspects that most buyers look for in a home, specifically within the past couple of years.

Hardwood Floors

In today’s day and age, carpet is a dated feature for most rooms of the home. Hardwood floors have taken over as the preferred flooring, as they give a sleek and elevated look when compared to carpet. This flooring looks more mature and provides flexibility in decoration, allowing its inhabitants to purchase rugs and other decorative items that complement the room. In addition to the elevated look, hardwood floors are much easier to clean and eliminate the stress of having to scrub stains out of the stubborn carpet.

Eat-In Kitchens

Nowadays, families and individuals do not always set out their meals on their dining room tables. In many cases, the dining room is reserved for special occasions, and more casual meals are eaten in living rooms and in kitchens. This has led to an increased desire for eat-in kitchens that allow individuals to sit down for a quick bite, entertain guests and more. Eat-in kitchens can include anything from an island to a breakfast nook to a counter to sit stools at.

Dedicated Workspace

With remote work becoming popular throughout the past year and undoubtedly being here to stay for many industries, individuals have had to adjust to working from home. However, many found that their homes do not have a great space available for working, leaving many to work from bed or from the dining room table. These spaces are not ideal for remote working, which is why many have begun looking for their homes to include a dedicated workspace.

Energy-Efficient Houses

As more and more individuals are looking towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, energy-efficient homes have been sought out by many. This often looks like having LED lights, programmable thermostats and more. Especially as millennials begin buying more homes, this is a feature that is going to be at the top of some of their lists. This certainly isn’t the deciding factor for everyone, but it is becoming more important in one’s home search.