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Because we’re spending more and more time in our homes, it’s only natural that we’re thinking about what we can do to switch things up. The houses or apartments we moved into years ago may not be cutting anymore. We need a switch up– out with the old, in with the new. 2022 has brought about some incredible changes to the bathroom remodeling trends, which we will discuss here. 

Updated Sink Fixtures

With the increased importance of washing your hands over the past couple of years, we could do it in style! A touchless sink fixture is one of the best ways to increase your area’s functionality while staying on-trend. A touchless sink faucet can also increase your area’s hygiene level, as touching the fixture isn’t necessary to turn it on. 

Organic style

The organic decorating style is one of the most popular decorating trends right now. This style emphasizes more natural materials for the decoration and warm earth tones for the colors. There’s also a growing interest in incorporating skylights to increase the level of natural light in the area. We long to connect on a deeper level with nature, so the addition of plants and other style accents are definitely going to continue to show up in the coming years. 

Multipurpose Storage 

Because we’re spending so much more time in our homes than in years past, people realize that the space they have in the layout they’re using may not be enough. Wanting more access to adequate storage space is integral to this change. In the coming years, we’re definitely going to be seeing more multipurpose space being used in the bathroom, turning the extra space into changing areas, closets, or even laundry rooms. 

Accessible Design Upgrades

One of the main trends in bathroom remodeling right now is emphasizing universal design. These remodeling trends focus mainly on groups of people who need a more accessible space to use the restroom, such as older family members, people with disabilities, or younger children. Universal designs in the bathroom can take many shapes, such as curbless shower entries, rainfall showerheads, and shower seats, when necessary.