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There is no better way to relax your mind and body than to dip in a refreshing swimming pool. Thanks to the different shapes and sizes, a larger space for constructing a pool is no longer necessary.

From either a backyard or inward design, one can choose from a variety of designs. The outcome is eye-catchy, bringing a serene look suitable for a family and future generations. Below is a list of swimming pool designs you can choose from to incorporate into your architectural home.

  1. Family Fun Pool

Pool environments came up with this excellent design for an entertaining backyard look. It features stones, waterfalls, colorful landscaping, and inviting artistic elements.

  1. Moonlight Swim

The sidewall of this modern small swimming pool by pool environment is raised to level the patio for a natural transition from house to pool.

  1. Skyward

This artistic kidney-shaped pool incorporates glass mosaic tiles, a spa, and a shallow wading pool for lounge furniture.

  1. French Countryside Style

From the French countryside look, this pool boasts artificial turf grass in place of motor or pebbles and Pennsylvania bluestone pavers surrounding the pool.

  1. Blending into the landscape

The backyard pool blends with an additional pebble pool finish on the surfaces, an integrated stone, and natural materials with a panoramic view of the landscape.

  1. LA Petite Pool

The pool is made of hand-painted tiles, a fountain to appear more oversized, and additional space for inside sitting at the pool for a stunning serene look.

  1. Fun Desert Hardscaping

The rectangular pool is designed from perfect landscaping and a giant concrete ball which brings a desert feel while inside the pool.

  1. Dive and Slide

This pool is made of a stone diving rock and slide with native plants and waterfalls designed by Thomas Flint Landscape Design and Development.

  1. Brick yard

The rectangular swimming pool comes with an integrated spa and a brick coping.

  1. Farmhouse Chic

For a swimming exercise, Ashley Cole designed a farmhouse accessible via a patio and several house rooms. It comes with a titled lap pool neatly tucked in.

The above ten lists of stunning swimming pool designs will give you an easy time to choose your best design when constructing a swimming pool.