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Owning real estate is a goal for many people, and ultimately deciding which city to buy real estate can be challenging. With the popularity of “flipping” or renovating, buying a house might seem particularly appealing. There may be obstacles and setbacks, but purchasing real estate is an exciting milestone for anyone. Here are the top nine U.S. cities to keep an eye on.

Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the most popular cities in the country right now. With a flourishing tech industry and a lower cost of living than its New York or California rivals, Austin has a significant housing market that is unlikely to falter anytime in the future.

Tampa, Florida

Like Spokane, Tampa also has significant appreciation rates and is an area with a diverse community of people engaged in outdoor activities, entertainment, and nightlife.

Spokane, Washington

Real estate in Spokane is an excellent investment due to the strong appreciation rate and lower housing costs than in other big cities in Washington.

Orlando, Florida

Similar to Las Vegas, Orlando has a vast entertainment industry and sees thousands of tourists each season, making it a city with a thriving economy.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Whether being drawn to the bustling nightlife, absence of an income tax, or excellent entertainment, home-buyers are continuing to flood to Las Vegas. This city has a reputation for being a vacation destination, making it ideal for buying a property and renting it out to short-term residents.

Atlanta, Georgia

Unlike many other cities, Atlanta not only continues to grow but also preserves its growth rate. Many major food, beverage, and airline companies are based out of Atlanta, making it a popular place to work and live. Because of the city’s sprawling area, it can be easy to find a single-family home a short distance from many jobs.

Houston, Texas

Home prices continue to rise in Houston, and for a good reason — the city has a lower cost of living and high job growth and boasts good schools and general quality of life.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is another city with a booming population, and with Texas’s low tax rates, this is an ideal city to invest in.

Boise, Idaho

Homes in Boise are being bought for record-breaking prices following a boom in population and job opportunities.